Widows and Orphans

The Lord brought RDM together with Child’s Hope, Inc. founded by a wonderful Burkinabe man, Constantin Ouedraogo. He is a dear brother, and together we formed RDM-Child’s Hope. We are now taking care of over 2,500 orphans and more than 1,200 widows.

We feed, clothe and send our orphans to school and give them much needed Christian nurturing. The orphans are either infants housed in one of our orphanages or children in a sponsorship program where we find sponsors for each child to support them monthly. Anyone can help sponsor children by contacting our office. There has never been a shortage of orphans, and you can be an answer to how they will reach their destiny.

Each child remains in the sponsorship program until they are 21 with their last 2 years in the Bible School or Trade School. The widows are put in charge of these orphans as much as possible. We currently have three orphanage sites, two schools, and one clinic, with plans for much much more.  Our care is for the total man, spirit, soul, and body.

Our widows receive food and clothing as needed and are regularly instructed in the basics of how to overcome the devastation of their loss.  Our overseer, Sr. Fati, instructs them as to their legal rights and benefits, while each of them is brought into one of our more than 40 local churches to be discipled and encouraged.  In return they serve in our orphanages and aid in the care of our children.

Widows hear and respond to the Gospel.

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