Change is in the Air

The beauty of Autumn has begun to once again paint the landscape of the Pennsylvania hills. Bright colors, dry air, and the chill of the evenings means that things are changing.

RDM is making a few changes too. Lynn Murphy has been added to the staff and is helping with admin and fundraising. We welcome her attention to detail and passion for the ministry.

After a long and difficult summer, things are looking up for RDM. We will recover from the trials that press upon the promises of God and prove He’s faithful. Watch for the new and updated website for news and information.

Many thanks to KD Richard for all the hard work and investment in our old web site. It has been such a blessing. May the Lord bless you as you move on into bigger and better things.

Thanks to to Tom Hughes for the added resources and information that expand our reach with the web site. You have saved us lots of time and money.

Good things are ahead; now on to victory as we reach our destiny together.

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