What you do is priceless.

Alida Traore recently shared a soda with our administrator Constantin (a treat for most people in Burkina, and something they highly treasure!) For this report, we would like to introduce you to this beautiful 6 year old girl, an orphan who lives in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, with her mother and her four siblings. Those who have lost one or both parents are considered to be orphans in this West African culture.

Alida lost her father, a soldier, to illness in July of 2006. Alida’s mother is a hard working woman who, like many other people in Burkina Faso, find it difficult to get a job. Widows in Burkina have an especially hard time in their culture, and they also receive no help from the government.

Alida’s mother went from place to place looking for work, even just for a day. Alida and her family struggled like this for two years, until her mother heard about the ministry of RDM in 2008. She arrived at the RDM headquarters in Ouagadougou with her husband’s death certificate in her hand, eager to prove that she really was widowed and in desperate need of help. Since then, our partners at RDM-Child’s Hope Inc. have helped Alida to thrive in school. She has her basic necessities provided for- clothes, food, school supplies, and most importantly she is attending our school in the capital city of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou. This year, Alida is the head of her class of 32 students!

We are pleased to report on these beautiful and wonderful children and to show how your generous gifts to us each month make such a difference in their lives! Many of these children would still be living without hope if not for the prayers and support from our partners in the ministry. These precious children are able to hear about the saving grace and love of our Lord Jesus, because someone like you chose to help and partner with us as we share the Good News in Burkina Faso! Thank you and bless you dear partners!

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