In Testimony

Over the years of traveling to West Africa, the Lord has done many miraculous things. Here are just a few testimonials.

Praying for the sick.

Four people have been raised from the dead. Two of them were little girls. One was a man who died of Malaria and was called back to life in the Name of Jesus. The other was a woman that was carried 12 kilometers to church. She had been sick and paralyzed for 4 years and actually died during the chruch service. Calling her spirit back in the Name of Jesus, she came back to life. She got up and started dancing and praising God. Today she is married and has a baby and is doing very well.

A boy who was completely paralyzed and could only lay on the ground was completely healed after the Father told me what to do to minister healing to him.

A blind Muslim priest came to our compound one day begging for food. He was starving, we gave him some food and then preached the gospel to him. He surrendered his life to Jesus and then God healed him of his blindness. He left with his spiritual and physical eyes opened!

Many people have been healed of blindness, Malaria, and AIDS. Crippled legs have been healed, deaf ears have been opened. Many people delivered from satanic oppression and demonic possesion. Many, many people have turned away from their false gods and turned to the true and living God. The Burkinabe people are growing in the Lord and being made so hungry of Him. All of this has been done by God and for His glory alone. What a provilege it is to be a part of what the Father is doing in Burkina Faso, West Africa!

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